OUR mission

In the world for you finding natural tasty food

Nature´s own treasures

No place is too far away

Whether it is almonds from California or prunes from Chile we are always to be found in the orchards together with our growers all around the world.

Only by being present among the actual farmers  we can create trust, quality assurance and partnerships to the benefit of our customers.





We love what we do

and we take pride in being as much experts in providing natural and tasty product as we possible can. We constantly monitor market trends and new potential crops in order to offer you the newest products available.

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Less is more

Service is our reason to be 

so do not hesitate to contact anyone in our team to ask for any kind of assistance. Rather call one time too many. We are there for you, ready and flexible  - so if you do not find exactly what you need on our webpage - do call - we will be more than happy to help - no strings attached

More than 25 years

Exploring the world

gives us the best of opportunities to supply exactly what you may need. We know our market and have great loyal connections among producers and harvesters all over the world. Thus we play an import role in the market place granting us the potential of a secure and safe supply chain.

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.” 

— Patrick Wibroe, Caldic Food Service & Retail

We also provide mixing of various kinds

2018 Bestseller

Naturens Energi Natural almonds in 2 kgs bag 



Natural and Tasty

We are constantly on the road, in the air or at sea to seach for natural and tasty products at producers who meet the demand for products of high quality and  produced with responsible conduct to nature and humans.

Will be pleased to provide you with Naturens energi in retail packages adapted to special needs whenever suitable.

retail, bulk and foodservice/catering

Found all over the world. Adapted to your needs.

We service customers within small, medium and  large retail chains in all of Scandinavia. We supply wholesalers, caterers, small shops or industries in need of our natural and tasty products - from all over the world. 

No one is too small, too demanding or too special for us to serve. We are open to all kinds of ideas, inputs and ready to serve you. Do not hesitate to contact us..

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