High standards are a must for us






We have developed a comprehensive set of strategies in order to supply safe products of high quality from excellent suppliers with a clear concience.

Constant joint efforts from our quality team and product mangers and strong focus on sourcing high quality products grant us the possibility to manage full traceability and certifications. We work with international quality standards throughout our entire supply chain. 

QHSE  - Not only product quality but also human quality 

Thinking quality all the way means a lot for us. Not only do we work with optimizing our product quality but we also have policies for optimizing health, safty and environmental conditions for our employees, partners and principals.



We take pride in Corporate Social Responsibility as we genuinely do care about people and the environment. We take good care that our farmers  treated fair and correctly and that the produce is harvested with respect for the environment.

We have suppliers with whom we have worked for more than 20 years - loyal to us because we treat them fair and with respect.


As part of our strategy Caldic constantly works on obtaining various certificates - not for the sake of the certificates themselves but to use the systems behind them to improve the work and approval processes in the entire supply chain from producer to final use.

Only this way we can improve and assure the quality of the products we supply you with. Caldic Food Service & Retail is ISO22000, FSSC22000 and KRAV certified.

View and download our certificates here


Cheking before harvested

Alex and Patrick are - as much as it can possibly be done - visiting producers all over the world to check the various crops on site - even before it is harvested. 

Thus we make sure that the crop we order or preorder is of the best quality. "It is always nice to smell, touch and check personally", says Alex. 


HSE - The remaining 3 lettters i QHSE

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is deeply rooted as we have a moral obligation to choose solutions with the least impact on our environment.  our And the highest priority of all is to ensure the health and safety of our own employees as well as our partners and customers. 

Maintaining the highest standards on health, safety, and the environment ensures that we can supply you with natural and tasty products.

Naturally, we integrate compliance into our processes, knowing that doing the “right” thing is also doing the smart thing to the benefit of all our partners.

For us HSE means

  • Stimulating the safety awareness among our employees
  • Setting examples on HSE performance at the management level and as a company
  • Taking a pro-active approach to safety and accident prevention
  • Pro-actively working to minimise our impact on the environment
  • Working in close cooperation with local authorities
  • Implementing and maintaining good housekeeping practices
  • Investing in a high quality work and production environment​

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