Flexible and large variety of packaging options - customized your needs all the way from conventional to "I´m green" solutions

Below please find standard opportunities for retail and foodservice packaging. We are flexible and gladly assist in lay-out and supply of your own private label design and packaging. 

Primary Packaging 

  • Vertical pillow bags (plastic laminate (OPP/OPP, OPP/PE, PE/PET). Possibility to have products packed in a modified atmosphere with high barrier protection. With or without Eurolock.

  • Gusseted pillow bags (plastic laminate OPP/PE). 

  • Doypack bag with zipper (PET/PE)

  • Sachets (Paper/PE/ALU/PE, Paper/PE)

  • Cartons

  • Tubes (plastic laminate PE/PETP MET/PE) with clips on ends

  • Customized packaging solutions

Secondary Packaging (corrugated board): 

  • Top loaded cases

  • Displays

  • Wrap arounds


For the Food Industry we provide larger packages: 

  • Plastic bags (laminate Ldpe/Lldpe) 5 – 15 kg
  • Big bags (Mono, duplex, laminated and reinforced) 300kg -1000kg
  • Customized packaging solutions 

If you so require we are flexible and provide packaging customized to your industry needs

Laminates with texture, function, look and feel meet customer and consumer demands

To meet consumer and thus customer demands we provide flexible customized packaging solutions which focus on function, look and feel by offering laminates printed in traditional flexoprint or digitally with the feel and texture you prefer (matte lacquer, tactile lacquer, metallic etc) printed in up till 8 colors.

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